All Natural Oven Baked dog food

You would like the very best for 'mans best friend' and the ones dry food product don't work. Why don't you just be it yourself? Don't be concerned, it is possible! Using this helpful information you are able to make sure that your dog is getting one of the most nutrition in his/her diet that they can thereby increasing his/her lifespan.

All Natural Oven Baked dog food

Most of the leading pet food suppliers like Doctors Foster and Smith, Livesmart and Menu Foods, have been recalled due to contaminated ingredients namely; wheat gluten from ChemNutra and rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis, for starters, they are major ingredients both in dog and cat foods.

Feeding your dog processed food can trigger seizures in dogs that are more sensitive, especially if it has grains of any type, soy or dairy food.

Now I do believe that you'll agree that making your own commercial dog food is a good idea.


Dogs need to have a diet that's filled with protein and starch. It is best to that the dog's diet be 40% meat 30% Vegetables and 30% Starch or 75% Carbohydrates and 25% meat (Make certain to cook any meat that you give your dog- you wouldn't want these to obtain a taste for fresh meat or soon they'll want a bit of yours.).

Dogs like gamey flavors along with liver, fat, garlic, onions, horsemeat, lamb, beef, fish and a few even enjoy fruits.

The common dog should get approximately one pound of meat daily (this can be more appropriate to the larger dogs, so use good judgment. This meat really should not be mixed, should you give Lassie chicken it must be all chicken not beef or lamb combine together.

It's advocated that you simply fast your pet once a week, when they are gone one year old, to protect against constipation and make sure the health of your dog.

There is nothing wrong with giving your dog some of your table scraps, when they are not too high in sodium and spicy, (dog like the natural salt and flavor which is already in many foods and so they have no need for much more ), your pet could have a variety.

Never provide your dog exactly the same food repeatedly simply because they will get use compared to that one meal and pretty soon it will likely be difficult to get them to eat anything else.

Using this information your pet look to a long healthy life.

Recipes for your dog

Dogs are color blind and so they choose their foods according to its smell, so that you wanna make certain if you are making your canine's food it smells yummy.

This is a great recipe for dog morsels:

You may need;

2 cups wheat grains flour

2 tsp. garlic powder

2 cups white flour

1 cup skim milk powder

2 eggs


1/2 cup melted beef or pork drippings (or lard)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix ingredients along with enough water to produce a stiff dough.

Unveil and reduce bit size shapes. Bake on cookie sheet until hard. Cool and serve. Your puppy will like it.

Here's another great recipe:

Sautéed Liver

You'll need;

One fourth pound of liver

1tsp Oil

1 / 2 cup of water

Heat inside a pan 1tsp of oil and to this add your liver cooking on both sides, however, not before inside is dry. Now add some water and blend up with every one of the brown bits. Reduce pieces and serve with the sauce.

All Natural Oven Baked dog food

Which was not hard wasn't it? So we included the meat that's needed within the diet and that i overlooked salt because, like I said earlier it's not necessary. You may also atart exercising . veggies, to this recipe, and cook them inside the sauce and you've got a comfortable doggy diet.


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